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Taking care of special items

Special fabrics need to be handled carefully. Constant wear and washing will cause fading and foils to come off.

Deodorants and perspiration can cause fabric to fade, discolour, lose foil, and cause colour to run especially under the arms. 

Washing Instructions

Hand wash separately in cold water using a mild liquid detergent with the garment turned inside out.
Do NOT soak, rinse immediately and air dry using a thick plastic hanger. Dry out of direct sunlight.

PW cannot guarantee any garment that has not been washed and dried as directed.

      Choosing Fabrics

      Please note that if you choose white or pale colour in combination with dark Colour you may experience colour transference. This is a common industry problem.

      Deodorants may contribute to colour bleeding especially under the arms. This may occur even if proper washing instructions are followed.

      Do NOT leave a damp leotard in a bag as colour bleed may occur.

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