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Grishko Dreampointe MF - XXX

Grishko Dreampointe MF - XXX


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1. DreamPointe shoes are based on the last Grishko-2007.
2. They have more than 3 times longer life span vs. classical styles due to the state-of-art chemical free insole materials.
3. Paste-free and the use of thermoformable materials help to make the insole very lightweight.
4. The box made of natural materials absorbs moisture and is adjustable to any foot arch.
5. The insole is assembled by hand and with care for any foot work and muscle strengthening.
6. Forefront padding and pillow-like insole garantee added comfort and coziness.

If you have never had pointe shoes fitted before, or you are unsure of your size, it is recommended that you have a professional fitting done in store.
Please contact us for assistance with fitting, we would love to help.

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