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Do you want to get more flexile? (Sample)

Do you want to get more flexile? (Sample)

Did you know that stretching your muscles is one of the slowest and most dangerous ways of getting more flexible? The answer to the flexibility of your dreams may not be what you think!

Dancers, Gymnasts, Martial Artists, and just about everyone else who moves wants to be more flexible. While some people have issues with excessive mobility, most people would love some help on unlocking certain areas of their body for more freedom of movement.

The funny thing is, for most people, stretching to get more flexible is just about the slowest and most dangerous way of getting there! Our bodies are very complex, and the restrictions to mobility can be many and varied. However, when you can identify and work on the real restriction to your mobility, then sudden and dramatic differences to your flexibility are possible!

One of the most dramatic demonstrations of this is the Sub-occipital release technique that I use with young and old alike. No matter how many times I teach this technique, I am always delighted at the amazement on everyone’s face when their concept of flexibility transforms immediately!

To achieve your optimal mobility, just follow these four simple steps!

1. Down load our Free PDF Guide to getting more flexible, which covers the 5 Myths About Flexibility That May Be Holding You Back! This PDF debunks several myths such as:

  • You have to be born flexible…
  • I’m too old to start stretching!
  • Stretching does not work for me…
  • You have to sit in a stretch for at least a minute to make it work…
  • You should always stretch before dancing

2. Watch and read the following articles and videos to help understand a little more about the nature of flexibility:

3. Be very careful about attempting any form of overstretching. The following articles explain why!

4. Get yourself a copy of our Front Splits Fast Flexibility Program to help work through all the exercises and mobilisers in a fun way!

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